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Merry Christmas “when you can send a beautiful, animated greeting card, wish the best to those you love at this holiday season, with our hundreds of adorable and programmable cards in advance, do not waste time trying to send the perfect message to your loved ones, copy directly our humorous and original text messages, find also famous Christmas quotes, as well as the best anecdotes on this day celebrated all over the world, to shine during your meals. Merry Christmas “otherwise!

Once the container found, remains the content to develop. When you have the card or the ideal image in your hands, it must be said, inspiration is not always at the rendezvous to make his wishes. So here are our tips, with templates and texts already written, that everyone can copy, take as an example or transform to wish Merry Christmas. Here are all our examples of Christmas messages to read here.

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“Christmas is the best day to chase worries and sufferings, to give place to magic, happiness and love, to enjoy your loved ones and to cover them with presents!” Wonderful end-of-year celebrations to all of you, may the magic of Christmas flood your home on this day “.

“For this Christmas, I wish you as much joy, happiness and love as there are stars in the sky on a summer evening, snowballs in your tree.” Enjoy this magic moment of Christmas to share unforgettable moments with your loved ones … Happy Christmas! ”

“Christmas is a unique day where everyday worries leave room for happiness, magic, sweetness, surprises and love.This is the day when you have to share pleasant moments with your loved ones. Enjoy the people you love on this magical day and at the end of this year, I hope that the most beautiful things come true for you Merry Christmas! ”

“We wish you a merry Christmas, filled with joy and passion around the people you love, that all the ingredients of a successful Christmas are available to you: warmth, cheerfulness, sharing, laughter, songs, family spirit” .

“I show you all my affection in these Christmas holidays, may the beautiful moments fill your days, the delights adorn your tables and the laughter fill your hearts”.

“May this Christmas be for you a magical moment where the spirit and kindness of the people around you bring to your heart all the comfort and happiness you deserve”.

“My darling, I kiss you very tenderly and wish you a merry Christmas, may the magic of Christmas and sharing make you feel all that I feel for you at this moment”.

“To a little brother / sister: let Santa’s hood come to you with the most magical gifts for you top Christmas gifts , I’m sorry I can not be with you this year, but promise that this will be the last time. think highly of you and wish you the most beautiful Christmas! ”

Besides humor, it is sometimes good to put a little spirituality in his wishes, especially as the Christmas period is conducive to reflection on our lives, love, brotherhood or living together. Drawing in the quotes of the most illustrious personalities can also help you to concoct an original message. For this Christmas, we can easily refer to essential classics, as well as phrases as powerful but more recent.

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“We must each be the protector of our brother, our sister, we must treat others as we would like to be treated” (Michelle Obama). “The bitter and the sweet come from the outside, the difficult comes from within, from our own efforts”, “The value of a man lies in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive “or” A man who is no longer able to marvel has practically ceased to live “(Einstein). “We must let the illusions of the ephemeral to go to the essential, to give up our insatiable pretensions, to abandon the perennial dissatisfaction and sadness for something that we will always miss.” It will do us good to leave these things to find in simplicity peace, joy, the luminous sense of life . “You have to know what you want, when you know it, you have to have the courage to say it, when you say it, you have to have the courage to do it” .

In this year, it may also be time to put on 2.0 cards. Several sites and applications now offer to concoct customization messages from videos “with holes”, it’s often funny and very imaginative. The site of the Portable Santa Claus (to find here) allows for example to make short videos to make wish to Santa himself happy holidays to his relatives.

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