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Happy Valentines Day 2019

Valentine’s Day 2019 is coming … some people start to panic, thinking of what they will be able to find this year to make this day exceptional. Others will think of going for a quick tour of a clothing store to find a seasonal sweater.

Some, even those who before having met the wonderful man with whom they are today celebrated Valentine’s Day with friends, will repeat to anyone willing to hear that this is an American holiday for us consume and that Valentine’s Day is therefore without interest.

Some others have already planned everything: day off, ready to take his man to calm not too far from home for a day of escape and a hot night without children. In short, we all act differently for this day that, whether we like it or not, is still well installed in our calendar.

Happy Valentines Day Messages 2019

Valentine’s Day approaches, so what’s more romantic to celebrate the feast of love than to surprise your dear half with a sweet message to wish him a happy Valentine’s Day?

Since a Valentine without flowers would lack perfumes and colors, do not forget to offer him a beautiful bouquet by adding your tender thoughts. The Happy Valentine’s Day cards are an opportunity to bring out the romantic poet who is hiding in you and will surely ignite your beloved.

Happy Valentines Day Quotes For Him 2019

  • Happy Valentine’s day my love! This day goes on forever … But the idea of?? Finding you at the end fills me with happiness.
  • A universe, nine planets, 204 countries, seven seas … and I had the privilege of meeting you merry Valentine’s day my love.
  • Your mouth on my mouth and your eyes in my eyes. I love you, darling. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • I send you a kiss of love, which light as a feather, will whisper on your happy ear Valentine’s day my heart.
  • This day I want it to bring happiness, that this romantic day, can bring us love and joy, full of laughter and cheerfulness, happy Valentine’s day my love.
  • On this happy day, just the two of us, like two lovers, seek together that love that unites us forever, for a better life full of happiness, Happy Valentine’s Day.

  • You are the sun of my life, I love you. Happy Valentine.
  • Angel or not, if I had wings, I would fly to you.
  • I love you as on the first day and I will always love you. Happy Valentine.
  • When a day two becomes one, it is forever. Happy Valentine.
  • There is no more beautiful statement than to tell you I love you day after day. I love you, my angel.
  • I love you since the dawn of time and until eternity. Happy Valentine.
  • If one day you leave me, I leave with you. I love you.
  • You are the most beautiful thing that heaven can give me! My heart is only for you! I love you, happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Because with your Valentine’s Day is 365 days a year. Happy Valentine.
  • Thank you for being my inspiration, every day.
  • There are billions of stars populating the sky, but I only need you to populate my heart!
  • If you want me for Valentine’s Day you’ll have to take me as I am: hurry! Happy Valentine.

Happy Valentines Day Quotes For Friends 2019

  • There are people coming into our lives for one reason, others for a season but the more expensive ones like you come in and stay all the time.
  • In our world, everything changes, but one thing remains certain: you will always remain my friend, beyond words, beyond time and beyond distance.
  • A life without love would be loneliness … a life without tenderness would be cruel … a life without trust would be empty … but without a friend, it would not be a life.
  • Love is within everyone’s reach, but friendship is proof of the heart.
  • In the name of the time that brought us together, in the name of the fate that chose. I promise you an infinite friendship until the last minute of my life.
  • I knew we could go from friendship to love, but not from love to friendship, now we are best friends, and that’s for life.

Happy Valentines Day Quotes For Her 2019

  • Very good Valentine’s Day to the most important person in my heart and my life. I kiss you with all my love and all my passion.
  • All locks in the world have keys that match them. It’s hard to find the right key when there are billions at your disposal. In my life, I had an exceptional chance. Earning lotto would have been easier! Indeed, I found the perfect key for the lock of my heart! I love you and wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day!
  • For the world, you are only one person, but for me, you are the world. Happy Valentine’s day.
  • A lot of love and joy to you, darling, on this day when my heart is only looking for your happiness. I love you. Happy Valentine’s day!
  • Spending my life with you is like watching an endless romantic comedy. I love you. Happy Valentine’s day!

  • One day, I had a dream where I met a unique being who gave full meaning to my life. The day I made this dream, my eyes crossed yours. Happy Valentine’s day.
  • This short message, dear husband, even if he does not say everything, would still want to bring you a supply of happiness that will last all year long! Happy Valentine’s day.
  • So that you are, darling, happy as much as I am. Allow me to bring you greetings of all kinds that will make this day a feast of love! Happy Valentine’s day.
  • There are wonderful beings on earth who deserve to be always happy, and it is to one of them that I offer my best wishes, all freshly collected for Valentine’s Day.
  • My love, you have given me the most beautiful thing in the world, two wonderful children, a girl and a boy who are proof that our love is indestructible. Happy Valentine’s day.

Happy Valentines Day Quotes For Husband 2019

  • Whenever you see these flowers, you will know that I am thinking of you. Happy Valentine.
  • You are my flower garden. Happy Valentine.
  • I’m all yours. Happy Valentine.
  • Here is a little valentine full of love. When you read it, close your eyes and do not move. You’ll have a big beak in surplus! Happy Valentine!
  • A lot of love and joy to you, darling, on this day that my heart is only looking for your happiness. I love you! Happy Valentine.
  • Cupid’s Secret: Make Valentine’s Day a truly tasty moment by offering extra sweetness with a delicious box of chocolates!
  • You would have captured all its senses and would be sure to spend a very happy Valentine’s Day.

Short Valentines Day Quotes 2019

  • I do not love you only for what you are but for me when we are together. Happy Valentine’s day.
  • Since I know you my heart never stops marveling.
  • I would like to make my life with you.
  • Trust me, I cannot live without you.
  • You are for me a world that I cannot explain; I love you every day more.
  • My happiness is attached to yours.
  • A kiss on your mouth, another on your heart. Happy Valentine.
  • My love, I love you very much and I would love to be your Valentine forever.
  • I love you. Three words. Three syllables. An eternity to appreciate them. Happy Valentine.
  • You are beautiful to eat, I love you.

Romantic Messages of Happy Valentine’s Day 2019

  • To help you express how you feel, here are some words of love that you will only have to copy on your Happy Valentine’s Day card:
  • I send you 3 flowers: the first full of friendship, the second full of fidelity and the third full of love to wish you happy Valentine’s Day.
  • For Valentine’s Day. I want no gift, no flower, no promise, only the gift of your heart.
  • I wrote your name on the sand but the sea has erased it. On a rock but the sea has won. On my heart and forever it will remain. Happy Valentine.
  • I only once loved on this earth. A beautiful mistress with clear eyes. It’s you, my love, you my heart. Sweet Valentine’s Day.
  • You are my Valentine in young wrinkles, The Adonis of my candid soul; your arrow pierced my body 15 years ago, embracing my child’s heart forever.
  • I will offer you all kinds of roses with a thousand perfumes, every day I will pick you a flower of life in the early morning dew. Happy Valentine.
  • We will go together far away to perfect our destiny. We will go on a cruise to St. Valentine’s Island.
  • I will not stop thinking about the same chorus in every corner. For me and you it will be Valentine’s Day every day.

  • Happy Valentine’s day, my tender love. I love you forever.
  • Not a night, not a day without you being in my thoughts. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Rivers, seas and oceans, cannot end my love. You are the only prince charming, whose night and the day I dream.
  • Love is like a hot chocolate. It takes you by surprise early and then keeps you warm for a long time. I love you. Happy Valentine.
  • The earth is beautiful in my eyes only because you live in it.
  • I can resist everything except you. Happy Valentine’s day.
  • I send you treasures of tenderness and adoration, put them in the depths of your heart.
  • You are the only thought of my life.
  • The sweetest harmony is the voice of the one we love. Happy Valentine.
  • To love you and be loved by you forever, to cuddle and cherish you, that is for the future, my only project. Happy Valentine.
  • My heart beats only for you.
  • Wishing the sweetest, happiest day to my forever Valentine.
  • Tonight is all ours. I can’t wait to celebrate with you.
  • I cherish every minute that I spend with you! I am so blessed that I can, for a love so special.
  • Your touch does to me what a pebble does to calm waters of a lake. You send ripples through my heart. I love you, sweetheart.
  • I do not think often, I do not think much, but when I do, I think of you only.
  • Cupid shoots well for me! He hit you and me with perfect aim.
  • Ι am so happy and feel so lucky because out of millions οf people around the world it’s me who’s been given the chance to be with you and spend forever with a loving wife like yοu. I Love you!

Happy Valentines Day Ideas 2019

This day celebrates the love between partners, husbands, and wives, but also between friends and family. Take this opportunity to show your loved ones the place they have in your life. A nice bouquet of flowers accompanied by a nice word are enough to wish a good Valentine’s Day to those around you.

Love is after all not selfish and Cupid is well able to pick up arrows for the beings you love. So why not surprise your entourage by wishing them a Happy Valentine’s Day with a nice card and insert one of these messages?

Happy Valentine’s day in all friendship 2019

Happy Valentine’s day 2019

A good Valentine’s Day card for the family

Happy Valentine’s Day Dad 2019

  • A dad like you, to take me everywhere, to talk, to walk, to laugh and share, it makes everything much funnier, much more interesting. It makes each day, an incomparable party! Happy Valentine’s Day, darling dad!

Happy Valentine’s Day Mom

  • That Valentine’s Day is really great for a dear mother. Sincerely and for good reason since she has a heart worthy of great happiness. Happy Valentine’s day
  • May this feast of love fulfills all the wishes, a dear mother for the day of Valentine’s Day as for the year. Happy Valentine’s Day, mom!

Happy Valentine’s Day my daughter 2019

  • A Valentine, dear girl, for you. How to offer your heart elsewhere, when you have before you, the image of happiness! Happy Valentine’s day.
  • Having you like a girl is one of the most beautiful things that happened to me in life. It was such a pleasure for me to see you, little by little, acquire your autonomy and develop your own personality. Today, when I consider what you have become, I feel a lot of pride. That’s why I wanted to enjoy Valentine’s Day to tell you that I love you and that I care about you very much. Happy Valentine’s day.

Happy Valentine’s Day Grandmother

  • Right to the generous heart of a sweet grandmother, all that mine contains of purest. This is the best way I believe, to put his feelings in a safe place. Happy Valentine’s Day grandma.
  • In this Valentine’s Day I put a lot of wishes for a wonderful grandma: mine! Happy Valentine’s day.

A good Valentine’s Day card for her half

  • To your flowers, your cards, and your feathers, do not be shy, warm the hearts of your loved ones for a milder winter. Happy Valentine’s day.
  • I hope that this day of Valentine’s Day brings all the wishes of happiness, that this day brings with it joy and cheerfulness for all loving hearts who want to feel happy.
  • If you want to send a love SMS for Valentine’s Day to your love here is some example for you to inhale.

This day I want it carrying all my wishes of happiness that can overflow this romantic day, what can bring you love and joy, full of laughter and cheerfulness, I want to love you for life. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Not a night, not a day, without you being in my thoughts, you give me everything my heart needs and more. Happy Valentine’s Day.

This message of love for Valentine’s Day is like a poem, a romantic poem that says I love you with a few tender words by the force of a beautiful love, a statement to say how much I care about you, in this February 14th I am sending you this message to tell you that I will love you forever.

My love, on this beautiful day of Valentine’s Day you are the most beautiful thing that heaven can give me! My heart beats only for you. I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

2019 SMS Valentine’s Day

Since you came into my life you make me discover life in pink, every day I love you more, today for the occasion of Valentine’s Day  I send you this SMS to tell you that It ‘you love even more.

If I had only one day to live if it was all that was given to me, a day of life on this earth I will choose the day of Valentine’s Day to devote it entirely to you. I love you, Happy Valentine’s Day my love.

Tell me again that you love me, tell me that you will love me again, no need for great speeches, one look will suffice me. For my part, it’s you that I love I’ll tell you all my life and even more this day of Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you.

Today again for this wonderful day of Saint Valentine I confirm you are my reward, I waited for you so much, the first time, the moment that I saw you I loved you, and since that day I have not stopped loving you. Happy Valentine’s Day my love.

SMS Valentine’s Day

On this day of Valentine’s Day, you cannot know what pleasure I feel when I write to you, because you have a huge place in my heart. I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

One day, you came back into my life. Today you are still there. Tomorrow, I have only one dream: it’s that you’re always there! Happy Valentine’s Day my love.

On February 14, I send you this little SMS to tell you how much I love you and how much I care about you, you are my love and I will love you all my life, Happy Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentines Day Images

What are the origins of the date of Valentine’s Day: February 14?

Why Valentine’s Day is February 14th

The origin of Valentine’s Day: This festival, initially pagan, would originate from a Christian priest died around 270. Valentine was sentenced to death by Emperor Claude II, for braving the prohibition to marry couples clandestinely for men, no longer wanting to leave their families, no longer engaged in the Roman legion.

Valentine’s Day thus became Saint Martyr, who died on February 14th as a defender of love and marriage. In the Middle Ages, it was thought that Valentine’s Day was also the day when the birds love season would begin, signaling the awakening of nature in the spring and the end of winter. Note that in other countries, the day of love is celebrated on another date.

Since when does valentine’s Day Exist?

In fact, this Valentine’s Day celebration dates back to antiquity. In France, it dates from around 1496 in this form: “Feast of Lovers”. Then, it became an important step in the calendar of our society. But there is no need to buy a gift for the man of his life or the woman of his dreams to celebrate Valentine’s Day. All the marks of tenderness and affection, a pretty word or a poem of love will not leave the loved one indifferent. In addition, Valentine’s Day can be celebrated throughout the year!

What to do on the unusual day of Valentine’s Day in the village of Valentine?

These unusual days in the village of Saint Valentine, we always reserve unexpected activities and renewed since 1965. The streets, all beautifully decorated with hearts and thousands of paper flowers, darken visitors. The couples, strolling, holding hands, stop to discover the different highlights of the original festivities of the charming village on the few hectares reserved for them.

How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

What celebrating remotely can be complicated should not make your Valentine’s Day one day like the others, or even worse than the others.

Instead of depressing, because you are not together for February 14, you should rejoice to have what millions of people are constantly searching for: Love.

So how do you make this occasion something special for you and your remote couple?

First, you need to know exactly what Valentine’s Day means to your partner.

Is it a romantic, unique party for a couple?

Or is it a hyper-commercial party to absolutely avoid (because we should celebrate Love every day and not once a year)?

If your other half prefers this second option then I strongly recommend reading the 5th point of this article. Otherwise, there are many ways for you to celebrate Valentine’s Day despite the Distance!

Step # 1: Offer Gifts to Your Partner

Eh yes! Who says feast, says the opportunity to pay a little attention to his half to remind him how much we care about it.

But beware: Valentine’s Day is the day of love and romance par excellence, so mistakes of taste and style are not allowed!

Among the best-sellers of February 14, we find of course chocolates, flowers, lingerie or jewelry. However, nothing prevents you from doing in the original to find the perfect unique gift.

In order to make your quest easier it is essential that you ask yourself these 3 questions:

What gift did I give her in the past, did my other half appreciate? Why?

Has my other half mentioned something she would like or need?

What is the mission that I want this gift to fulfill? To serve as a timeless memory? Solve a problem? Entertain my partner? Testify my love? Nothing special?

If you cannot decide, you can find some cool ideas, I strongly recommend you to read the following articles:

Offer Flowers! Compare the 5 Best Online Florists

Happy Valentines Day Cards 2019

7 Romantic Gift Ideas for Distance Relationships

The 5 Best Sex Toys Connected and Controllable Remote

Step # 2: Dine in Lovers

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to spend a romantic evening for two, no matter the distance.

Indeed, it can even be completely forgotten if you put the double work on the atmosphere, all thanks to Skype and a little organization.

To do this, make an appointment at a specific time on the video chat software and make sure that you are both completely ready when the time comes.

By that, I mean that you both agreed and set up little details that will make this Valentine’s Day magical: candles, evening wear, music, soft light, a bottle of wine, a good meal, good mood, etc.

You will only have to enjoy your dinner as if you were in a real restaurant in love!

Romantic dinner on Skype

Step # 3: Watch a Romantic Movie Together

Whether it’s dinner or after it, watching a love movie just can be a great way to spend the evening together.

It’s fun, efficient and easy to organize: both shoot the movie at the same time, and exchange and contemplate each other’s reactions with Skype!

Try to choose a movie that you both want to see that is light and fresh (there’s no point in dropping the mood on February 14th).

I especially recommend the Top 10 Best Distance Relationships, ideal to give hope and motivation to your couple on such a day!

Step # 4: Raise the temperature with a strip-tease

Whether funny or sexy, a strip-tease via webcam will surely be an unforgettable memory for your couple!

But I see you coming … Have you ever had a striptease in your life? It does not matter!

Fortunately, it is possible to learn and practice with a plethora of lessons available on the web as well as on YouTube.

No matter how good the performance ultimately, your partner can only appreciate the attention and effort to deliver a truly original experience!

To try at least once.

Thereafter nothing prevents you to go further…

Alternative: Spend the Evening with your Friends Singles

Finally, if it turns out that for one reason or another, one of you does not want or cannot celebrate Valentine’s Day remotely, then do not stay home to mope and go out with friends (e) s!

Whether singles, those who do not like Valentine’s Day, those who are separated from their half or just friends in pairs who prefer to spend the evening with you, many are those who do not feel concerned by all that and just want to have fun.


After all, Love should be celebrated every day and there are many opportunities, right?


Above all, do not panic if everything is not perfect. As they say, it’s the intention that counts.

We will remember more efforts and good times than the gift offered.

Focus on this positive atmosphere and all the emotions you want to convey in order to obtain an unforgettable Valentine’s Day. The rest will follow…

How is Valentine’s Day celebrated all over the world?

Japan and South Korea

In Japan and South Korea, only women offer gifts on February 14, not only to their half but also to men around them (family, colleagues …). They return the favor on March 14, during the “White Day”. They must give a white present (most often flowers) to all women who have given them a present the previous month.

In South Korea, March 14 is reserved for singles. They meet again in the evening to celebrate their celibacy in evenings closed to couples.

United States

For Americans, Valentine’s Day is not only the feast of lovers, but it is also that of friendship and family. Each offers chocolates or small words to those he wants. Children are the most involved. They put on shows with their teachers and make gifts for their parents. Canada observes the same traditions.


In China, Valentine’s Day is a little followed, and for good reason: the Chinese calendar has its own holiday of lovers, in August, called qiqiao jie. This tradition is so deeply rooted that many Chinese people are getting married today. Legend has it that it would give them eternal love.

Women’s wear is a sporting discipline in Finland.


In the countries of Northern Europe, the tradition of Valentine’s Day is close to that practiced in France. The men offer snowdrops, white winter flowers, half of them. Singles also write sweet words or poems to the elect (s) of their hearts that they sign as many points as their first name contains letters. The goal is for the recipient to guess who sent them the message.

Iraq and Egypt

The inhabitants of these two countries of the Middle East are very fond of Valentine’s Day. That day, the stores are adorned with red, the color of love, and offer couples chocolates, flowers (roses most of the time) and small gifts to offer to their half. In Iraq, it is customary to also give gifts to family members to show their attachment.

Bonus: Finland

The Finns have, in addition to Valentine’s Day, another way to celebrate love: the women’s wear championship. The competition takes place in July in Sonkajarvi, in the center of the country. The principle is simple: the men must carry their companion as quickly as possible on a route of 250 meters with several obstacles including a ditch filled with water.

Why do you have to celebrate Valentine’s Day Anyway?

We can love each other all year. So why give in to marketing, why break a bouquet, go to dinner next to other couples lined up in rows of onions and looking in the whites of eyes, February 14.

This is what the sociologist Jean-Claude Kaufmann thought, before exploring the subject in depth for his work Valentine’s Day my love!  (The links that release). We met this specialist couple issues, who explained to us how he had changed his mind on Valentine’s Day. And why one would be very stupid to miss.

> A fascinating story

The story of Valentine’s Day, “boss of lovers, fell in love with the daughter of his jailer, blind, he has healed, and who wrote him to love letters inflamed on a paper cut heart-shaped”, Far too much like a legend. The commonly accepted myth to explain the origin of the lovers’ holiday is indeed next to the plate.

There has certainly been Valentine’s Day in the third century, and even many, but its legend too beautiful and too smooth was forged a posteriori and “partially invented” and “self-fueled,” says Jean-Claude Kaufmann.

We must instead locate the birth of the feast of lovers in the time of the Romans, who celebrated the Lupercalia, ceremonies of purification, in the third century. The women were flogged, sometimes spanked, by naked men, because the purification was “supposed to make them fertile”.

The middle Ages then passed by with its tradition of Carnival and its spirit “libertarian and vaguely transgressed”, but also loaded with eroticism. The time is sexual frustration and the explosion of the carnival gives place to violent and wild demonstrations that can go to collective rape.

It will take centuries for Valentine’s Day to become the sweet ritual we know. The courtly love and poetic turn of the twelfth century set the first stones. Then comes a long sleep, Valentine’s Day will come out on the other side of the Atlantic, thanks to the mercantile motivations of manufacturers of greeting cards. Welcome to an era that smells of command romance? Not only. This Valentine’s Day is “a total novelty seeming to emerge from nowhere at the precise moment when men and women sought to exalt feelings in their relationships,” writes Jean-Claude Kaufmann. “The story of Valentine’s Day is the story of the sweetening of love mores,” he says.

> Some must be hiding to celebrate Valentine’s Day

While we are bitching against various commercial solicitations, in some countries, on the contrary, we must hide to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day, sometimes at the risk of his life.

“It’s only in France that we are a little recalcitrant and jaded. In all the young countries, the countries of the South, the party is exploding. It is sometimes one of the revolutionary ferments of expression of freedoms”, notes Jean-Claude Kaufmann.

“In societies where the tradition is still strong, the religious authorities are on the defensive, they will oppose the risk of sexual freedom and are also afraid of the sentimental expression, which risks destabilizing the whole society. Is the beginning of a change in social functioning, “he says?

Thus, the Iranians must be tricked to display teddies, the symbol for them of the feast of lovers. Shop windows are adorned with teddy bears in married couples, dressed in pink to circumvent prohibitions: red, the color of love, is not tolerated.

In Saudi Arabia, 3,500 religious police officers roam the streets in search of roses and teddy bears. The Office of Preaching of Riyadh issued a fatwa on this “pagan Christian” – and commercial – Valentine’s Day.

In Pakistan, a pro-Valentine’s Day protest, armed with red balloons and cakes, in response to a “Day of Decency”, escalated and protesters were shot and wounded. “Who would believe, in the West, that one could risk one’s life to defend Valentine’s Day?” Writes Jean-Claude Kaufmann.

> Love, money … and politics

“The big critics of Valentine’s Day are elderly men who vote FN. It’s always the same go-anywhere critics, ‘I do not celebrate love on command.’ Very often, those who say that not to celebrate Valentine’s Day do not celebrate love the rest of the year either, “says Jean-Claude Kaufmann.

The problem of Valentine’s Day is certainly based on this mix of genres between love and money, since the nineteenth century, when the United States took the party. Except that, for the sociologist, “in the slightest bouquet of flowers is playing a little the future of the planet”.


> And tenderness, mess!

It is not enough to buy a bouquet to consider yourself released. “Women are in demand, sometimes silent and secret, there is a vague dissatisfaction with the couple, and a lack of more intense moments, communication, attention to the other, a love bubble.” They expect more than a bouquet of flowers, an “opportunity to try to express something,” said Jean-Claude Kaufmann.

“Valentine’s Day re-energizes the logic of love expression, expressing love means going out of oneself, out of routines and out of the usual shell”.

It’s up to you to take inspiration from the Romans and their Lupercalia, or simply to confide your tender feelings to a candlelight dinner, or even to choose another date to celebrate your love, but do not miss the opportunity to celebrate. Valentine’s Day.

It’s not just a 24-carat gold ring or a box of heart-shaped chocolates, it’s “the dream of another kind of society, more human, warmer,” concludes Jean-Claude Kaufmann, “and Valentine’s Day is part of that dream”.

Do you know that the only French Valentine village is located in the Indre

In the village of Saint Valentine, we will be in the spotlight during the weekend of Valentine’s Day. Eh yes! Did you know that the only village in France named Saint Valentine is in our beautiful region of Berry, in the department of Indre (36) where George Sand lived? A small village very quiet as there are many in France, a church, a town hall, a post office, a communal garden, a restaurant. And yet on Valentine’s Day, the village is adorned with a multitude of colors, flowers for a romantic setting around Love, with a freshness all spring. It’s a very pretty Lovers’ Day, reserved for couples who love each other and those who are waiting for the Soul sister. They come from far away: Japan, China, Canada, and Europe, twin cities or the region. Maybe they will meet on the spot? Many festivities are reserved for them this weekend for a February 14 to two.

An extraordinary story: the Japanese come to get married especially in the village of Saint Valentine.

Do you know the lovers’ park?

Valentine’s Day wedding confirmation of a Japanese couple it all began in 1983 when the new mayor of the village, Pierre Rousseau, seeking ideas for Valentine’s Day, decided to create a lovers’ park. The goal was to perpetuate the animation of this village of Valentine’s Day, 290 inhabitants, previously only famous one day a year. Soon, lovers came to hang their message of love (called Valentine) to a tree and then to another, helping to reforest the park. Then the post published a special stamp with the famous drawing of Raymond Payne. Until the day when, on the other side of the earth, we began to take a strong interest in our little village Valentine’s Day. Indeed, in Japan, for more than 50 years, the Feast of Lovers is a real institution: Valentine’s Day and the drawings of Peynet are much more celebrated there than at home. It is customary for the woman to offer chocolates to the chosen one of her heart as well as to her male professional entourage that day.

The village Valentine’s Day becomes a place of pilgrimage for the Japanese

Valentine’s Day Village Japanese Couple Wedding Confirmation

Confirmation of marriage of a Japanese couple

And now, whole cars of Japanese landed to buy the stamp of the day, the famous card of the lovers and to have it obliterated from the postmark of the village, special to February 14th. In Land of the Rising Sun, the best idea for Valentine’s Day is to come here, get married or renew your oath of marriage by giving gifts each other like teddy bears, watches or Jewellery buy this kind of gifts online if you are wanting to give jewelry buy from this website. If you walk to Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day, you will have the opportunity to meet couples of young Japanese, all smiles, straight out of the town hall where the Mayor leads ceremonies all day. M the priest does not stubble either and it is always moving to see at the end of the mass, all these couples, the tender look as the first day of their love: Amazing, no!

What is the longevity secret of the couple

Valentine’s Day the village of lovers

The village of Valentine’s Day in the Indre

While visiting the village of Saint Valentine during the party, I met a couple who came to confirm 70 years of marriage. At the head of a family of nearly 200 people over 4 generations, they were received as personalities, lending themselves to pose in front of all photographers with a disconcerting naturalness. Not resisting curiosity, I asked them the secret of their longevity. Their response was as simple as their way of being, tender and discreet. They admitted to me that the little attention to each other and the love for their family had been the keyword of their long journey, strewn with pitfalls of course. They had chosen for life simply!

If you hate the dreaded Valentine’s Day but love your lover with all your heart, we have a solution for you: a little attention, just to make him happy. It does not cost anything (except in the case of small not so small attentions), it is cute and it fills it with joy that asks the people? Find your happiness among these 17 free ideas (or almost).

We know what you think: Valentine’s Day was created to encourage you to spend money on gifts that your loved one does not even need. And you are surely right.

That said, there is no harm in making a small gesture, especially if you are sure that it will please him.

Note to male readers: All the gifts below will be just as enjoyable for your sweetheart.

Create a good DIY notebook

“Good for a foot massage”, “good for a shower for two “, “good for a cocooning day in love” … Gather all these good in a homemade notebook, it will only have to use as he pleases.

Order your favorite takeaway

Even if you have agreed not to celebrate Valentine’s Day, he will not be able to refuse the M12 menu at the local Japanese restaurant (the one offering a double dose of beef skewers).

Take pictures just for you

All photos do not have to end on Facebook or Instagram. Tonight, organize your special photo shoot grimaces/laughs/ compromising poses or anything else.

Photos for you, just for you (which will make you laugh years after).

Propose him a part of Fifa

If you love this game, it’s the promise of a win-win night. If you hate him, you’ll show him how much you care about him.

Bring him breakfast in bed

There’s no better way to wake up than toast topped with bacon and heart-shaped fried eggs. Nobody can tell you the opposite, especially not your guy!

Leave little words everywhere in his business

What’s more romantic (and simpler) than a little word of love slipped into his laptop, his favorite underpants and the spread of dough at breakfast? (Provided you do not write “you do not know how to make me cum” or any other message of this kind).

Give him “your” vinyl song

We may be fed up with these hipsters who repeat that the music sounds “differently” on an old turntable, but still, they are right.

So even if “your” song is a Taylor Swift tube, burn it on record, it’s cool and it’s roman-tick.

Pamper the

Men too can enjoy a little beauty/wellness session at home. Massage, clay mask, scrub with coffee grounds … Treat yourself to a hammed session without moving from your bathroom (and let yourself go to more naughty if you feel like it, of course).


Let him choose tonight’s series (for once)

Ok, you had planned to re-re-re-complete Sex and The City, but to prove your love to him, make the huge sacrifice of leaving him in your Netflix account. Tonight, he’s the one who chooses (but just tonight, huh).

Invite him to drink hot chocolate

A date cocktail and good restaurant? Classic! Invite him to the local bistro for a hot chocolate, before running to make love in every room of the house!

Cook some good cakes

Heart-shaped macaroons or even a simple dark chocolate cake (an unsuspected aphrodisiac recipe), all that is greedy and/or crunchy will please you, we assure you.

And if you are a quiche in the kitchen (no pun intended), your favorite frozen food store will offer you a fallback solution in the biggest secrets.

Write him a card

Create something special, from an old photo of you for example, or using collages (old fashioned). Unleash your creativity!

How to celebrate Valentine’s Day at valentine’s Village

No less than 11 gift ideas for “man and gifts for” her” are to discover in the village of Valentine’s Day to celebrate the feast of lovers in an unusual way:

Renew your vows of love in the air,

Take your sweetheart up and down, pulled by huskies,

How to get confirmation of her marriage at the town hall,

Imagine a particular program. Walk like lovers in the Garden of Lovers, the Kiosque of Lovers,

“The Wish Tree” or “Wish Tree”,

“The Tree with Hearts”, the Blessing of all couples to the village church of lovers,

Unusual gift ideas from Valentine’s Day,

The Stamp of the Day and the envelopes of Valentine’s Day,

An unusual meal on Valentine’s Day,

In the streets, on February 11, a Banda band “Banda tics Brenna”

Renew your love vows in the air

Nothing like “getting laid in the air” to maintain your love but why not renew your wishes to 150 meters above sea level in a microlight or in a helicopter?

Take your sweetheart up and down, pulled by huskies

Take advantage of the rigors of winter to find yourself with a cane cart expedition. Drawn by 12 dogs from the far north husky, in your little sports coach, you will rediscover nature and get closer to each other under the pretext of warming you up.

How to get confirmation of your marriage

Certificate of lover’s saint valentine indre 36 lover’s day. You will be welcomed on the red carpet in front of the town hall whose facade is decorated with a huge heart. On the forecourt, you will be able to make the picture of a couple. Inside, the secretaries will record your names and dates of marriage or union in all languages.

Thus, this day is noted on your parchment: “Certificate to Lovers “, and initialed by Mr. Pierre Rousseau, Mayor of the Village of Saint Valentine. He has not a minute to himself, between Confirmations, Weddings, the press and speeches to local elected officials. In this mini Las Vegas in Champagne Berrichonne, focuses a theme on the “Marriage”.

The Lovers’ Walk

The walk of Lovers, on this land of happiness, is open all year to all: in love or not, a pilgrimage not to be missed on Valentine’s Day.

The village of Valentine’s Day the kiosk of loveux The Garden of Lovers

The beautiful and unusual place where lovers have sealed their union with the representation of a young tree that will grow and flourish in the middle of a large lawn. Couples choose a particular tree essence, on each “Tree of Footprints of Marriage” a plaque: the names of the couple and the date of their union.

The Kiosk of Lovers

In the middle of the garden stands built by the Companions of the Tour de France of Tours, according to the illustrations of “Raymond Payne” who had become the friend of this pretty village.

“The Wish Tree ” or “Wish Tree”

It is of Oriental Shamanic tradition that people attach ribbons to the branches of a tree, desiring very much that the wish is fulfilled. When they resolve, the wish or prayer would be granted.

Valentine’s Village tree at heart” The Tree with Hearts”

This one is in stylized metal, we can distinguish hung golden hearts: engraved, dated, named, with a sweet message in all the languages?? Of the world, to mark a moment of eternity…

February 11, Banda Orchestra

In the streets, on February 11, a Banda orchestra will host the “Bandastics de Brenne” party.


The Blessing of all the couples at the church of the village of Saint Valentine

A rally is held in the village church at 11 am on February 14 for the blessing of all couples in the name of “Patron Saint of Lovers”.

Valentine’s Day unusual gift ideas

An exhibition hall will give your ideas of unusual gifts for Valentine’s Day: chocolates, cakes, gifts, original jewelry, red flowers, cards, wines of Reuilly…

The Stamp of the Day and the envelopes of Valentine’s Day

Village of Valentine’s Day La Poste

Valentine’s Day – Inside the Post

Do not miss the Stamp of the Day and the envelopes of Valentine’s Day. La Poste publishes:

“The stamp of the day” from a drawing of Lovers of Peynet and his Flame that will mark your letters and your wedding announcements. So, can they be programmed and sent to all your guests from Valentine’s Village around the world?

No party without an unusual meal on Valentine’s Day

The restaurant “14 Feb” invites you to gather around a good table with a gourmet menu, prepared by Franco-Japanese chefs.

A meal will also take place in the party room

Valentine’s Day solo or two

Singles, even if some find Valentine’s Day a little outdated, or even too commercial, are not forgotten. They can also meet a Valentine or a Valentine. Cupid, you know, whoever from his bow throws arrows into his heart, is he not often where he is least expected.

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