Black Friday in the United States: Christmas Sales in Stores Sale

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Black Friday in the United States is a holiday for all buyers. Large discounts and sales have become commonplace in cities in North America. Where does this tradition come from, and where can you buy it on Black Friday, in this article we will tell.

In the United States, Black Friday is the next most important event after Thanksgiving and a holiday for all Americans. This day can be seen by many as the beginning of a massive purchase for Christmas and the New Year, which is a long weekly preparation time for the Christmas holiday. In many public institutions and schools, Black Friday is considered a day of rest. This greatly increases the number of potential customers visiting supermarkets, stores, and other stores. On this day, you can make a long-awaited purchase and spend this amount much less than planned. After all, in the United States, Black Friday is a day of great discounts and sales. Where did the tradition of arranging holidays for buyers come from?

Black Friday Tradition

Strangely, the first black Friday in America was not a joy. Many Americans lost their savings in 1869 on this day. In fact, James Fish inflated the price of gold. Shortly before the black anniversary, he bought a huge amount of US gold reserves and tried to direct the terms to the Treasury of his country. By mid-1869, the price of amber metal rose by 65%. But the U.S. government has thrown existing gold reserves into the market, making lightning decisions to stabilize the economy. There are so many precious metals that the market immediately collapsed 30%.

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Golden fraud

The direct result of Black Friday was the decline in the value of railroad stocks, traditionally backed by gold. Instead of respectable securities in the hands of many investors, they turned out to be discounted securities of questionable value. The main cause of this fraud was more than $ 3 million, but he left the country afraid of prosecution.

Then America’s first Black Friday was declared for the first time. And after this incident there was another upheaval in the financial markets, but the date of that failed fraud Jason Fish was firmly fixed.

Modern Black Friday

Black Friday in the United States was able to take away an adverse reputation only in 1961. This date is famous for the first large sales held in Philadelphia. Shoppers have created huge traffic jams and paralyzed car traffic on many state highways. Careful cooperation with large trade associations with state offices has been the basis for establishing a new tradition. Businessmen turned the negative experience of big sales into a big holiday for all buyers in this country. The name “Black Friday” remains, but now this date has a positive semantic meaning.

Traditional development

The question of how many black Fridays start in the United States is worrying many Americans because there is no clear rule on this issue. At 6 am and sometimes merchants open the doors of the store to all interested buyers. In 2011, a new tradition emerged called Black Friday, USA. Supermarkets Best Buy, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Target, and Amazon’s online sites opened their doors to their customers at exactly midnight, significantly increasing the flow of visitors and increasing their sales.

Another big trading empire-Walmart (Announce)-started selling early the evening of the evening before. However, many Americans are angry at this decision, and a wave of anger has arisen through social networks that call merchants’ actions “greedy”, “disgusting” and “shameful.” Some states have imposed early bans in the United States. For example, Black Friday in Massachusetts cannot begin earlier than a valid “Calendar” Friday.

Black Friday Danger

Except for representatives of the sales department, no one knows about the Black Friday discounts available to buyers in the United States. So tedious waits while waiting for big discounts increase customer aggression, leading to scandals and misunderstandings. When I visited one of the supermarkets in Porter-Bunch (California) in 2011, a woman used pepper spray to cause trouble for 12 shoppers. That same year Californians once again distinguished themselves. An unknown person from San Leandro shot a Walmart store buyer. But in general, these events did not darken American delight in the huge sale of major supermarkets. Still millions of people open store doors at night and become first buyers.


In succumbing to propaganda, many buyers raked the shelves with everything that was necessary and unnecessary. And on Saturday and Sunday they knew they didn’t need or needed to buy. So on weekends there is a reverse trend. The chain of the customer is sent to the store for the return of the goods. And all the returns were already unpacked and dropped into the Open Box in the used category (used), so the store was going to sell once again, but it already got a big discount. Repackaged products are sold only after thorough reconfirmation, so you can buy them closer to Christmas.

Cyber ​​Monday

Black Friday begins in the United States on Thanksgiving Day. But enterprising merchants did not forget those who could not visit the shops on this wonderful weekend. In 2005, a new tradition was introduced. She liked people who couldn’t buy what they needed on Black Friday. Cyber ​​Monday has been organized for buyers who are unable to purchase the necessary goods. On this day, online sales, which last for a week, begin to soar.

Already in the first year of network sales, online shoppers have seen numerous benefits for the speed of shopping, comfort and speedy delivery. All subsequent Cyber ​​Mondays have confirmed the convenience of this form of sale for both buyers and sellers.


Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday provided potential buyers with an opportunity to use. Annual turnover gives ordinary Australian the opportunity to purchase goods at a significant discount on black Friday. Representatives of trade organizations get the opportunity to clean up the warehouse from accumulated products.

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