Good Night Messages For Lovers To Express Your Love

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If you are in love with someone who is very important to you but does not live with you yet, the best way to end your day is to show that you are thinking about him or her. How to do this? A very good way is to wish him/her is a good night is an extension with a selection of 10 SMS to wish good night to the person we love. Whether you are at the beginning of your romantic relationship or completely in love, here are some romantic SMS ideas that should please your darling.

  • I would like to be on your side right now in your bed. I miss you. Good night.
  • I’m cold all alone in my bed. I would like to feel your breath on my neck and your arms embrace me. Good night
  • It’s dark, I’m alone in my room, my hand caress my breasts slowly thinking of you. I leave you with this image in your eyes. Goodnight my Love.
  • When I close my eyes, I see your smile and your beautiful eyes. It filled me with joy. I will be able to have a good night. Good night to you too. Kisses
  • Tomorrow I will finally be able to see you again. It’s been so long since I’m not sure I’m going to sleep. Good night!
  • I wanted to write a romantic SMS to wish you a good night. But thinking of you excited me. I got lost in my thoughts and now it’s late. So good night my heart
  • You sleep? No, I could not until I had wished you a good night and sent lots of kisses
  • I would like you to be by my side right now, in my bed with me. Unfortunately, you are far, but that will not prevent me from wishing you a good night.
  • At the moment 700 million people are sleeping, 400 million are sleeping and only ONE cute guy is reading my text message. Good night…
  • The stars and the moonshine, another hug, another smile, another kiss, and another. It’s time to fold and close your @@. Good night.
  • Hey you! Yes, you cutie who is holding your mobile. You sleep? I just wanted to tell you … good night.


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