Good Night Messages For Lovers To Express Your Love

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Finding love quotes or good night messages for lovers is someone who is very important to you but does not live with you yet, the best way to end your day is to show that you are thinking about him or her. How to do this? A very good way is to wish him/her is a good night message. here is an extension with a selection of messages to wish good night to the person we love. Whether you are at the beginning of your romantic relationship or completely in love, here are some romantic SMS ideas that should please your darling.

Are you away from your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or even your best friend and would you like to send him a nice text message to wish him a good night? For him or her to have sweet dreams while thinking of you? We offer several examples of SMS to say good night in an original way, funny or romantic. Your darling or your friend will be touched by this little attention! To give you more inspiration, discover also the many phrases and quotes about the dream written by great authors

To wish a good night to his darling, it is important to choose the message that works best. Choose a message that is personal, a romantic message that represents your love. This list is full, but do not hesitate to change a few words in these texts to really be able to say goodnight to your love. If all these goodnight text messages are not enough for you to find the inspiration to show your man or your wife that you think of them before going to bed, here is more. The following posts are perfect for saying good night. An update of the article that will please all those who are out of inspiration but have a flame burning in their heart.

If you are in love with someone who is very important to you but does not live with you yet, the best way to end your day is to show that you are thinking about him or her. How to do this? A very good way is to send an SMS to wish him a good night. Receiving a text message is always fun, especially just before going to bed and falling asleep. For those who do not have many ideas and want to find inspiration, here are my favorite SMS that I like to send to my darling just before he falls asleep. If you are a man, it also works to send them to a woman, no problem! Through this message, I send you a magical and malicious kiss that comes to rest on your neck and your lips. He will end his journey on your eyes so that they close and fall asleep for a night full of dreams.

  • I would like to be on your side right now in your bed. I miss you. Good night.
  • I love you darling (or my baby)
  • I could not fall asleep before telling you how much I love you. Goodnight My Love
  • Every day I love you a little more and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow to love you even more.
  • I started counting a star for every reason that I love you. But there are not enough stars in the sky because my love for you is infinite.
  • Good night my love, my baby, my prince. Sweet dreams of your princess.
  • Just thinking how much I love you and missing you keeps me from falling asleep every night.
  • Every day you prove to me how much you love me. I will spend the rest of my days showing you how much I love you.
  • I know you are the love of my life because I suffer from not seeing you every day. Goodnight My Angel.
  • Just the idea of going to bed without wishing you a good night was hurting my heart. Good night and sweet dreams.

  • Do you think of me before falling asleep? I do.
  • Have good dreams. I hope I’m inside, you’re already in mine.
  • You’re the last thing I think about before falling asleep and the first thing in the morning. Good night.
  • I do not want to fall asleep because the reality with you is more beautiful than any of my dreams.
  • Not being able to sleep by your side is a real torture. I hope that it will change quickly and that you will be able to spend your nights with me.
  • I just wanted to say that I think a lot about you.
  • I will continue to snuggle on my pillow thinking it’s you. It’s too hard not to be able to spend the night with you.
  • Today was a perfect day. I miss you already.
  • Maybe my wish will come true tonight and I’ll wake up by your side tomorrow morning.
  • Can you not sleep? Neither do me. I think a lot about you.
  • I’m cold all alone in my bed. I would like to feel your breath on my neck and your arms embrace me. Good night

  • It’s dark, I’m alone in my room, my hand caresses my breasts slowly thinking of you. I leave you with this image in your eyes. Goodnight my Love.
  • When I close my eyes, I see your smile and your beautiful eyes. It filled me with joy. I will be able to have a good night. Good night to you too. Kisses
  • Tomorrow I will finally be able to see you again. It’s been so long since I’m not sure I’m going to sleep. Good night!
  • I wanted to write a romantic SMS to wish you a good night. But thinking of you excited me. I got lost in my thoughts and now it’s late. So good night my heart
  • You sleep? No, I could not until I had wished you a good night and sent lots of kisses
  • I would like you to be by my side right now, in my bed with me. Unfortunately, you are far, but that will not prevent me from wishing you a good night.
  • At the moment 700 million people are sleeping, 400 million are sleeping and only ONE cute guy is reading my text message. Good night…
  • The stars and the moonshine, another hug, another smile, another kiss, and another. It’s time to fold and close your @@. Good night.
  • Hey you! Yes, you cutie who is holding your mobile. You sleep? I just wanted to tell you … good night.

  • Unfortunately, I’m not by your side for this night, but I wish you all the same to have sweet dreams.
  • The stars are shining, the moon is full. I love you.
  • It’s too hard life without falling asleep with you. Goodnight My Love.
  • I feel too lonely in my bed without you. Why cannot we live together?
  • Goodnight my darling. May the star-filled sky give you plenty of rest?
  • I cannot remember the last time I spent a night without you. I hate these business trips
  • There are 1001 reasons that I miss you, but just now, I miss you by my side for this night.
  • Please, my angel, think of me before falling asleep and I will think of you in my dreams! Good night.
  • Far from you but under the same pale light of the moon, someone is thinking of you. A person very close to his feelings and who strongly believes in the powers of dreams. Pass a sweet night my love. See you tomorrow.
  • I wish you to fall asleep in the soft cotton of the night and wake up in the sweetness of morning honey. Good night.
  • The worries are for the day! Forget all because nights are made for dreams! Have a good night!

  • Tonight I asked the stars to shine for you, the moon to enlighten you and the light breeze to sing you a sweet song. All this so that you can spend the quietest of nights. Good night my darling.
  • The night is longer than the day for all those who make dreams. And the day is longer than the nights for those who build their dreams. So, my love has sweet dreams to build them tomorrow!
  • At the moment, in France 25 million people are sleeping, 20 million are watching TV, 5 million are reading … and only one person is reading my text! Good night!
  • As you read these lines I’m staring at the moon in the sky and I’m thinking of you. Do the same and we will feel as snug? Against each other. A last moment of sweetness before going to the land of dreams.
  • My bed is so empty without you! And my pillow, as sweet and warm as it is, do not replace you! I hope my dreams will lead me to you. I’m kissing you strongly.
  • The evening is one of the best moments to remember the sweet memories that we share with the person we love. So know that I will think of you as much as you will think of me before sinking into sweet dreams. I love you.

  • Tonight an evening angel passes and brings you 50 kisses to say good night.
  • Under the dark and deep sky, I send you scented flowers that will fill your sleep dreams of love
  • I think of you and I wish you a good evening, a sweet night, sweet dreams and a serene morning since a sweet message will wait for you on your mobile phone when you wake up! I love you!
  • Lying, your perfume on the pillow memory of past moments, I start dreaming that tonight you will be by my side. Good night, my beloved
  • The sky has pink reflections like your lips. In the distance come the colors of the night. I drown my heart when he is far from you.
  • A flow of love, a cloud of roses, a pillow of sweetness, a sheet of beautiful dreams, a restful sleep. May all these treasures accompany you this night? Tenderness.
  • The night is calm, the wind is cool and light; let yourself be soothed by the soft and tender murmur of the cool breeze to make you travel to the land of sleep.
  • Hey, SMS goes slowly because I do not want to scare him. If she is busy do not bother him. If she sleeps, make him a big kiss. If she reads this message tell her that I love him so much … good night my love
  • Sleeping without wishing you a peaceful night is a dormant violation in my opinion! Good night bb
  • My eyes refuse to close because they reproach me for not having wished you a good night. So I wish you with all my heart a sweet and pleasant night.
  • Before you fall asleep look out the window. All the stars you see are the little kisses I make you. Good night
  • In the calm of the night and the silence of the people I would like, without disturbing you, to wish you a good night.


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